The Brazilian Butt-lift

The Brazilian Butt-lift: Fat Transfer to the Gluteal Region

The Brazilian Butt-lift, otherwise known as fat transfer to the gluteal region, is designed to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. The technique utilizes minimal incisions and allows for a fairly fast recovery and return to normal activity.

Fat transfer is a technique that is several decades old but has only within the last years, become fairly standardized and routine. In the past, fat transfer was fraught with fat loss and volume loss after the fat was transferred. In the 1990’s, it was discovered that if the fat was injected in very small amounts throughout a given region, then most of the fat would survive. This is because the small fat cells were surrounded by healthy tissue that would allow for blood vessel in-growth into the transferred fat. The reason fat did not take with other techniques is because the fat was injected as a large glob and new blood vessels could not grow in before the fat began to die.

Dr. Schneider uses liposuction to harvest fat from one region of the body and then concentrates the fat and injects it into another. The procedure starts by making a tiny hidden incision in the area for liposuction. Then a fluid called tumescent solution is injected into the fat of the area. The tumescent solution helps prevent bleeding and also provides anesthesia to the area. Classically patients are sedated or asleep for the procedure, however, many have opted to have the operation done while they were awake.

The patient is then repositioned for the fat transfer. Several small punctures are made in the gluteal region. The concentrated fat is then injected into the gluteal region in small aliquots until the desired shape and size is created. Band-aids are then applied. Patients are instructed not to sit or lay on the area for several days but they may shower and begin activities the next day. The result: an enhanced more shapely buttocks and a contoured smaller region that underwent liposuction.