Our office offers the convenience of a virtual, online consultation for those not able to travel for an in-face meeting with Dr. Schneider. As with all of our consultations, our online consult is complimentary.

What to expect

The online consultations are conducted using Zoom, a video conferencing software. Zoom allows you to use either your computer (if it has a camera), or your mobile phone, to video chat with Dr. Schneider.

During the video consultation, you and Dr. Schneider will discuss your cosmetic surgery interests, and all of the surgical and non-surgical options available to you.

The video conference between you and Dr. Schneider typically lasts 20-30 minutes.

How do I schedule an online consultation?

In order to arrange for a video consult, please call the office, or submit an online contact form found on this page.

Once your online consultation is scheduled, we will send out an email with your video consultation appointment. To make it as easy as possible, our streamlined scheduling link is compatible with your Outlook, Gmail, or iCal calendars.

What else do I need to do for an online consultation?

Once your online consultation is scheduled, we will also send you a telemedicine consent form that can be read and digitally signed via our HIPPA compliant TouchMD portal.

We also ask that you use this TouchMD portal to upload photos of yourself that include your area of concern.