What Is Exilis?

Exilis is an FDA approved Computer Controlled Radio-Frequency instrument that applies energy for non-invasive, non-surgical, comfortable, rejuvenation of the skin and underlying fat. The non-invasive procedure is safe, predictable, reliable and can treat precisely, with varying depth, so that we can treat all the way down to 2 inches below the skin.

Treating to a depth of the skin gives us the ability to tighten the skin and cause collagen remodeling. This effectively produces tighter skin on any area that is treated. The results are very noticeable. 

Exilis targets fat cells up to 2 inches below the skin

At deeper levels, the laser energy destroys adipocytes (fat cells) in a permanent manner. This reduces the thickness of the fat.

The treatment does not require any anesthesia, and in fact, most of our patients say that it feels like a hot-rocks massage that is very comfortable. The treatment sessions last about 20-30 minutes and patients are immediately able to return to their normal activities.

What Areas Are Treated By Exilis?

That is a great question because most non-invasive technologies cannot treat all body parts. This, on the other hand, is a non-surgical treatment that can be used on any body part. 

Exilis for Facial Rejuvenation

We use this technique for facial rejuvenation, including shrinking upper and lower eyelid skin, shrinking and tightening the jowl, marionette lines, and neck. For facial rejuvenation, patients typically require 2-3 sessions spaced about 7-10 days apart to see a full rejuvenation.

Exilis for the Body

Exilis treatments for the body can not only reduce fat thickness, but also tighten skin. This makes Dr. Schneider’s technique the only non-invasive treatment that shrinks & tightens different body areas including arms, back (including shrinking back rolls), bra fat, belly, legs and knees. 

Cellulite can also be improved as the treatment causes elastic fiber tightening. Most body contouring patients undergo 3-6 sessions spaced 7-10 days apart to realize the best results.

Exilis vs Cool Sculpting vs Ultherapy

A question we are always asked is how does Exilis compare to Cool Sculpting or Ultherapy? The non-invasive rejuvenation space is very crowded and has seen numerous technologies that have failed patient expectations (Thermage, N-Lite Laser, Accent, Zerona).

Prior to bringing Exilis into our practice, Dr. Schneider personally tried several technologies and spoke with numerous physicians around the world about their experiences with these devices. We wanted a device that was painless, that could treat multiple areas, and had a very high patient satisfaction rate.


Ulthera is a very good technology for shrinking the skin on the face in one treatment, but it only penetrates down to about 1/4″. Additionally, its disposable technology tends to make it more expensive in treating larger areas. It also produces significant discomfort. 

Exilis, on the other hand, can be precisely set to penetrate as deep as necessary in the face to treat deeper fat pockets that some patients may have in the neck or jowl, as well as using it to shrink the skin. Our method also uses a continuous computer monitoring handpiece so we know exactly the tissue temperature. This ensures the treatment effect is maximized.


CoolSculpting works best on flat areas where a roll of skin and fat can be pinched between the cryotherapy plates. Though CoolSculpting may only require one session, the results typically take 3-4 months to be realized and the treatment can be painful. 

Conversely, Exilis body treatments are comfortable, and most patients see a visible fat shrinkage a few weeks after each treatment. Though Exilis does take several sessions, the treatment is not limited to certain areas. As such, a more global body contouring can be created for the patient. In addition, the technique can significantly shrink looser body skin that we may see in the over 40 population.