For men bothered by wrinkling in the brow, around their eyes, in their cheeks, or even acne scarring, laser resurfacing offers the gold standard for improving these lines and scars.  Dr. Schneider has performed CO2 laser resurfacing since 1994 on over 3000 patients. 

The skin is made out of 2 layers: the epidermis or outer layer and dermis, the inner layer. The permanent changes to the skin that we do not like, happen in the dermis. Scars and wrinkles are due to contour changes in the dermis. If we want to create a contour change to the skin, the dermis needs to be remodeled.

CO2 Laser resurfacing allows for precise controlled penetration into the dermis that produces a smoothing and increase in dermal collagen. It also decreases irregular skin pigmentation and shrinks the skin 15% that can dramatically decrease wrinkling and/or scarring.

In men we often use the CO2 laser resurfacing to tighten and shrink the skin around the eyes and minimize crows feet. It also can decrease the wrinkles of the brow and face.

Men with thick ruddy skin on the nose use CO2 resurfacing to shrink the area and smooth it. The treatment will also eliminate brown age spots, and refresh the entire appearance. Even in Men with a receding hairline, the laser can be extended up onto the scalp so the results naturally blend in. Dr. Schneider has seen excellent results in his male patients lasting over 15 years.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Procedure

Laser resurfacing is performed with a twilight anesthesia and takes about 1 hour to perform. As the laser passes over the skin, the outer layer of the skin is removed. This is carefully removed from the underlying dermis.

The laser is then passed over the skin a second time and the skin shrinks as the laser touches an area. Additional passes over the skin may be necessary depending upon the depth of the wrinkle and the area being treated.  This is where Dr. Schneider’s experience with the procedure comes into play.

Unlike most operations where patients are given pain medication to take during the recovery, laser resurfacing patients usually require no prescription pain medication.

At the conclusion of the CO2 laser resurfacing procedure, a thin layer of Vaseline is applied to the skin and this seals the nerve endings and provides a moisture barrier so that the patient is comfortable. It takes approximately 10 days for full healing to occur and during that time, patients will clean their skin and apply Vaseline, several times a day.

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  • Laser Resurfacing
    Laser Resurfacing
  • Laser Resurfacing
    Laser Resurfacing
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