In addition to CO2 Laser Resurfacing and Fraxel Laser Resurfacing for wrinkles, Dr. Schneider also specializes in laser treatments targeted at tattoo removal and age spots.

Tattoo Removal

For most tattoo removal treatments, we prefer to use a special laser that is able to target the individual tattoo pigment colors. When the laser energy interacts with the pigment, it causes the pigment to microfragment in the skin. The scavenger cells in the skin are then able to pickup and dispose of these micro-fragments. 

Tattoo removal typically takes more than one treatment. Dr. Schneider utilizes the double-dose technique where each treatment consists of 2 laser sessions separated by 15 minutes.  He has been able to see improved and quicker results with this technique. 

Laser tattoo removal does hurt. It usually hurts more than the pain caused by getting the tattoo. Dr. Schneider does inject a local anesthetic in the skin to decrease the discomfort but it does not dampen all the pain associated with the procedure. 

Age Spots

Age spots are areas of pigment deposition in the skin that happens either due to excessive sun, aging or a combination of both. There are many treatment options for age spots but we prefer a treatment using a Yag laser that tends to be more permanent. 

As the laser is passed over the skin, its energy is absorbed by the pigment in the spot. This feels like a needle hitting the skin but does not require any topical or local anesthetic. The laser leaves a bruise on the skin that will literally flake off over 10-14 days. When the bruise is gone, the patient can see the result.