Permanent Cosmetics

What Is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, can provide a beautiful enhancement to the brow, upper and lower eyelids, and lips. Twenty years ago patients were more than happy with just a little eyeliner or lip line tattoo. But artistic advances in permanent makeup / cosmetic tattoo can now create beautiful highlights and three-dimensional effects with brilliant results.

Who Performs the Cosmetic Tattoo?

Kathy Kidder performs cosmetic tattoo at the Schneider Centre for Plastic Surgery, where we utilize topical anesthetics to ensure your comfort.

If you have faint or no eyebrows, Kathy is pleased to offer full brow permanent makeup with or without 3D stroke application. 3D eyebrow embroidery, also known as microblading, places pigment under your skin and the natural hairs in your brows to create a natural look. Kathy also performs upper and lower eyeliner that can be tailored either as a thin line or a thicker line. Kathy can even add wings on the outside part of the eyelid. Finally, she can treat the lips with lip liner, full lip tinting, or a combination of both.

We understand that most cosmetic tattoo techniques require a small touch-up and therefore we are pleased to include this with the services.

How Long Does It Take To Get Permanent Makeup?

Cosmetic tattoo requires extreme attention to detail and as such, each procedure typically takes about three hours to perform. Full lip tinting can take as long as 5 hours for the permanent makeup procedure.

What Are The Cosmetic Tattoo Costs?

The costs vary from $300 – $700 depending upon the procedure chosen. Patients can also take advantage of a full-face treatment (brow, eyeliner and lips) for $1000. The pricing includes your initial consultation with Kathy, your treatment, and a permanent makeup touch-up procedure.

Before & After Cosmetic Tattoo Photos