Gummy Bear Implants

What are Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy bear breast implants, also known as Generation V implants, are implants made from a very cohesive silicone gel that has a form stable shape. Form stable means that the implants shape is not dependent on the shape of the shell, but that the actual body of the implant body has a shape that is maintained. In fact, if you were to slice the surface of the implant and pull it apart, it would snap back into it’s original shape. Dr. Schneider likens the gummy bear implants to jello: meaning the inside of the implant is like a jello mold and if you slice the implant in half, it is like slicing a piece of jello in half.

Dr. Schneider has been using gummy bear implants for about 3.5 years. The gummy bear implants made by Mentor, which are what Dr. Schneider prefers, come in 5 different natural shapes. The shape and size chosen is based on the patient’s anatomy, their size, the amount of breast tissue they have, and ultimately, how the patient wants to look. The gummy bear implants are covered with a texturing that is manufactured in a very different way than the other companies’ gummy bear implant texturings. As such, the gummy bear implants at the Schneider Centre have a very different feel. The texturing helps keep the implants in place and decreases their risks.

“What I love about these gummy bear implants is that they are very natural feeling, have the least amount of rippling of any implant, and the results look just gorgeous,” says Dr. Schneider. “They are specifically designed for very thin women with very little breast tissue, but I have used them in all body types and breast shapes and the patients have been extremely satisfied.”

Gummy Bear Implants Procedure

Like all our breast augmentations, gummy bear implants can be inserted through a hidden, underarm incision and the procedure is performed in our AAAHC certified, in office surgery center. Most of the procedures are performed in under one hour and the patients are able to go home within an hour after the breast augmentation procedure.