Getting Breast Implants As A College Student

“I was thinking of having a breast augmentation during the school holidays. When will I be able to return to school?”

With Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) located down the street in Estero, Florida and Florida SouthWestern State College (Formally Edison University) across the street in Fort Myers, Florida, we receive dozens of questions from local college students regarding Breast Augmentation procedures, their safety, and the costs involved. A very common question from students is how long recovery time will take, and if they can complete the procedure before returning back to School in January over Winter break.

Most patients who have a breast augmentation have a fairly quick recovery in terms of returning to their normal daily activities. Dr. Marc Schneider likes to have patients return to normal physical activity as soon as they feel comfortable doing so. For most this means being able to drive, return to work or return to school. Most college students require between three and seven days following Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery  to accomplish typical daily routines comfortably. The sooner the patient starts using their arms and upper body and returning to full activities, the sooner the Breast Implants drop into position and the patients discomfort goes away.

Dr. Schneider has witnessed Breast Augmentation patients in the gym doing overhead press with weights five days following their breast augmentation procedure. There are other factors involved with Plastic Surgery as well, including Weight Loss before/after Plastic SurgeryBreast Implant size and shape.  At Schneider Centre for Plastic Surgery, we use the latest Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant technology for top quality results for all of our patients.

We also provide surgery consultation for patients so that they can get the ideal results with the perfect Plastic Surgery procedure for them. We also offer Mommy Makeovers and other package deals that fit the specific needs of a certain person and a certain body type.

Our patients love Dr. Schneider’s work, and provide us with dozens of Before and After Breast Augmentation Photos so that we can display different types of work. Dr. Schneider also has a great collection of Breast Augmentation Video Testimonials from patients as well. We provide Breast Implants College Students desire as we provide the latest form of Gummy Bear Gel Breast Implants.