Our Philosophy

Reconstructive & Aesthetic Prodcedures

Plastic Surgery is a diverse specialty consisting of reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery. It requires extensive surgical knowledge to reconstruct facial, body, and extremity deformities, but a sculptors grace and artistic vision are requisite for aesthetic surgery. It is an ever changing field with technologies present today, that were not there just a few years ago.

“My focus is on patient care and satisfying our patients”
-Dr. Marc Schneider

Though it is important to learn about new developments in the field, it is very important to offer patient’s procedures that will satisfy their expectations. Not every new laser or every new technology works as advertised. For example, when we were investigating the radio-frequency EXILIS technology, Dr. Schneider was trained in several competing technologies and spoke with surgeons across the world who had extensive experience in them. Several were very painful, some did not produce the results promised, and some were too new to effectively evaluate. Thus Dr. Schneider chose a technology that had a proven track record and was comfortable for his patients.

Dr. Schneider’s Qualifications

Marc S. Schneider, MD moved to Fort Myers in 1991 after completing his Plastic Surgery Residency at the University of Kansas. Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he has focused his practice on Cosmetic Surgery since 1994.

Dr. Schneider’s Education

  • B.A. 1979 Drew University
  • M.D. 1984 Ross University
  • General Surgery Conemaugh / Temple University Hospitals 1984-89
  • Plastic Surgery University of Kansas 1989-91
  • Certification American Board of Surgery 1991
  • Certification American Board of Plastic Surgery 1993

    Journals Dr. Schneider Has Published in:

  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Journal of Transplant Proceedings
  • Journal of Craniofacial Surgery
  • Aesthetic Surgery Journal
  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation

AAAHC Certification

In-Office Surgical Facility

Dr-Schneider-Fort-Myers-Plastic Surgeon

Caring, Certified, Convenient: We offer our “State of Art” aesthetic procedures in the privacy of our AAAHC certified office surgical facility. It is equipped and our staff is trained to ensure your safety. Their experience and dedication will help take the worry out of an already big decision. Dr. Schneider is also on staff at all Fort Myers Hospitals and at the Lee Island Coast Surgery Center.

Charity & Non-Profit

“I have a unique opportunity”, says Dr. Schneider, “though I love rejuvenating and enhancing my patients, my reconstructive background affords me an opportunity to help those less fortunate”. Dr. Schneider has donated his services to “Healing the Children”: A not-for-profit organization that brings needy children to the United States for medical services.

Dr Schneider Fort-Myers Plastic Surgeon Charity

When she was 12 years old, a shy, scared child was flown in to Fort Myers from Bangledesh after suffering severe acid burns to her face and neck, Healing the Children, Dr. Schneider, and Gulf Coast Hospital, provided the reconstruction for this young patient. After undergoing over 20 operations, she returned to Bangledesh, for several years. She eventually was able to return to the United States and attend FGCU. The entire office is extremely happy and proud to announce that she graduated with the class of 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.


Our Goal Is to Help Any Patient Who Seeks Our Care

“One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in Plastic Surgery happened in the Dominican Republic. Some patients traveled for hours to get to the clinic and the people were very poor. Seeing the gratitude of a mother when I handed her back her child was a powerful experience” – Dr. Schneider
Dr Schneider Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon