Laser Resurfacing

What is a wrinkle?

A wrinkle is a skin fold that is caused by repeated movement of the skin. We have them everywhere… under our arms, between our torso and hips, groins, knee’s, elbows and fingers. They develop due to two factors: movement & loss of skin elasticity. There are multiple options available for wrinkle removal including but not limited to botox and CO2 laser resurfacing.

Botox works by limiting movement. But, how can we restore skin elasticity? There are numerous techniques that Plastic Surgeons can use such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, microneedling, fraxel, radiofrequency and CO2 laser resurfacing. All of these technologies create a controlled injury to the skin. As the skin heals from this injury, the body adds collagen to the skin. It is just part of the normal healing process.

Remove Wrinkles and Tighten Facial Skin | CO2 Laser Resurfacing

The key for the Plastic Surgeon is knowing how much controlled injury is necessary to produce a beautiful result where the patient is satisfied while preventing any unnecessary aftereffects such as bleaching of the skin, scarring, or unevenness.

For wrinkling of the face (brow, eyelids, crow’s feet, 11-lines, lip wrinkles, cheek wrinkles), CO2 laser resurfacing is the gold standard. This means that in the hands of an experienced Surgeon, CO2 laser resurfacing will produce the most consistent, satisfying results. Since the early 1990’s, Dr. Schneider has performed CO2 laser resurfacing on over 2000 patients. In fact, Dr. Schneider’s treated patients have come from across North America, Europe, South America, and Asia for his services. CO2 laser resurfacing also works very well for minimizing acne scarring.

CO2 Laser resurfacing allows for precise controlled penetration that increases dermal collagen, decreases irregular skin pigmentation, shrinks the skin, and thus dramatically decreases wrinkling and/or scarring. Thus a treatment will not only tighten the skin of the face, nose and eyes, it will eliminate brown spots, and remove wrinkles. Dr. Schneider has seen excellent results in his patients lasting over 15 years.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Procedure

The CO2 laser resurfacing procedure is performed with the patient sedated and takes approximately one hour to perform in our AAAHC certified surgery center. As Dr. Schneider passes the laser over the skin, the outer layer of the skin is removed. The same thing happens to the skin when you scrape your knee or have a friction burn. Next the laser is passed over the skin a second time and you can literally see the skin shrink as the laser touches an area. Additional passes may be necessary depending upon the depth of the wrinkle and the area being treated. This is where the Plastic Surgeons experience is crucial.

At the conclusion of the CO2 laser resurfacing procedure, a thin layer of vaseline is applied to the skin and this seals the nerve endings and provides a moisture barrier so that the patient is comfortable. It takes approximately 10 days for full healing to occur and during that time, patients will clean their skin and apply vaseline, several times a day.

Is CO2 Laser Resurfacing Right for You?

CO2 Laser Resurfacing is a very significant step for patient’s who are bothered by facial wrinkles. We do not take the treatment lightly and spend an exhaustive amount of time with our laser patients both before their treatment, so that they understand what the healing process is like, and afterwards to make sure they have a beautiful result. Dr. Schneider is referred many patients whom have undergone less than satisfactory results for secondary treatment. Often times physicians who aren’t well experienced and well trained in wrinkle removal will either not use an effective enough treatment for the patient, or they did not realize they were being over aggressive and have caused permanent damage to the skin. Trust an expert. Call us in Fort Myers so that we can provide you with the necessary CO2 Laser Resurfacing information and a complimentary consultation.

CO2 Laser Resurfacing Before & After Photos

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