Breast Revision with Gummy Bear Implants

Why Get a Breast Revision Procedure?

One of the most rewarding operations is the breast implant revision because we can take someone who has been through a lot emotionally, is very dissatisfied with their breast augmentation results, and we can make them extremely happy. Though there are numerous reasons a patient may be dissatisfied with their results following a breast augmentation procedure. Some of the key factors that may play a role are firmness of the implant, malposition of the implants, and asymmetry. Dr. Schneider specializes in breast revision procedures using gummy bear implants. According to Dr. Schneider, “the generation V gummy bear breast implants offer patients a breast revision alternative that in my experience, produces a very beautiful shape and works very well in breast implant revisions.”

Dr. Schneider has been using gummy bear implants for about 3.5 years, and prefers the gummy bear implants made by Mentor for his breast revision procedures. They come in 5 different natural shapes, and the shape and size chosen is based on the patient’s anatomy, their size, the amount of breast tissue they have, and ultimately, how the patient wants to look.

The Breast Revision Operation

Sometimes Dr. Schneider will use the patient’s previous incision, sometimes it may be more beneficial to perform the breast revision through an underarm incision. “The Mentor generation V implants have the lowest complication rate on any implant I have ever used”, said Dr. Schneider. One of the first patients to use the gummy bear implants at the Schneider Centre previously had very disappointing results from several breast reconstructive surgeries and radiation. Now over a year after her breast revision procedure using gummy bear implants, her breasts have excellent shape and remain soft. “She is very happy and this is very rewarding.”

Our breast augmentation revision procedures are performed in our AAAHC certified, in office surgery center. To find out more if breast revision surgery and gummy bear implants are right for you, please contact our office.

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