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Breast Reduction & Ptosis

Sagging of the Breast

Ptosis by definition means sagging. Ptosis is usually present in patients who have overly large breasts. How we approach the issue depends upon the extent and the degree of ptosis and the anatomical architecture associated with the breast. Most patients who seek medical attention and breast reduction because of overly large breasts have second degree or third degree Ptosis. This is where the nipple sits substantially below the inframammary fold or it sits below the fold and points downwards. Overly large breasts can have a significantly negative effect on the body. Both the weight of the breast and the shape of the breast play a role. Most commonly, patients with macromastia will complain of chronic neck pain, tension headaches, back pain, discomfort wearing a bra, having to constantly readjust their bra, strap marks from their bra, and irritation in the skin under their breasts. Some patients may even complain of tingling or numbness in their fingers. Typically, the excessive weight of the breast and the length of the breast (known as the moment arm in physics) can affect the dynamic relationship of the skeleton, muscles and nerves in the entire shoulder girdle and neck region.

Breast Reduction & Macromastia

An Overly Large Breast

Reducing the volume and weight of the breast while simultaneously lifting and reshaping the breast can have a significant effect on the patients physical complaints. It will also dramatically transform the patients appearance. “I have literally seen patients whose chronic physical complaints of back and neck pain disappear within 24 hours of breast reduction surgery”, says Dr. Schneider. “It is amazing to me that patients who have had complaints of upper back pain and neck pain for years can come into the office the day after surgery and these symptoms are gone.” The surgery will not eliminate all symptoms in all patients, but in many patients whose physical complaints are caused by the large size and shape of their breasts, breast reduction surgery has been helpful.


The Breast Reduction

Dr. Schneider uses a breast reduction procedure called the vertical mammoplasty that decreases the amount of scarring, eliminating the long scar under the fold of the breast. The operation is performed as an outpatient. This means that the patient is able to go home from the operation on the same day of the breast reduction surgery. Typically, if the breast reduction procedure is covered by the patient’s insurance, the operation will be performed at an outpatient surgery center or the hospital. If the breast reduction procedure is not covered by insurance, it may be performed in our AAAHC certified operating room located at our office.

Breast reduction is performed with the patient having either an intravenous sedation or a general anesthetic. Once the patient is asleep, an anesthetic fluid that is typically used during liposuction, is injected into the breast. This fluid decreases bleeding and acts as an anesthetic for 12- 24 hours following the procedure so that the patient is comfortable. Liposuction is performed on certain areas of the breast and then incisions are created, the breast is lifted, and some breast tissue is removed. At the end of the procedure a small tube is placed called a drain that we remove in the office the next day. For most patients, the procedure lasts about 2 hours. Following the operation the patient is fitted with a surgical bra and placed in the recovery unit until they are awake. The procedure is done in our AAAHC certified surgery center.

Breast Reduction Recovery

Return To Work In 7 Days!

Most patients are able to return to work in 5-7 days after the procedure. They are asked to wear a bra for several weeks to help support the healing breast tissues. Though the risks of the breast reduction procedure are small, Dr. Schneider asks all patients to refrain from tobacco for several weeks before and following the procedure to help the healing process and minimize complications.

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Before & After Breast Reduction Photos

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