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Arm Liposuction

Heaviness in the upper arm can often be treated with liposuction. In most people the skin shrinks to the new contour. This eliminates the need of a visible scar on the upper arm. Liposuction is performed through tiny punctures in the skin. A special fluid called tumescent solution that contains an anesthetic and medication to minimize bleeding, is first injected into the region. Then small tubes are inserted to carefully extract the fat. The procedure is performed with the patient sedated and no stitches are needed. Dr. Schneider has invented a technique where no compressive garments are needed to decrease the swelling. Most patients are able to return to their normal routine in a few days.

Arm Lift

The arm lift is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the upper arm using an incision that is hidden on the inside of the arm. The arm lift procedure can remove the area that most patients find most bothersome in sleeveless blouses or bathing suits. The Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) is performed with the patient asleep in our AAAHC certified surgery center and takes about 1.5 hours to perform. The patient is able to go home the same day of the arm lift. Typically the procedure is performed with all internal absorbable sutures so there are no stitches to remove. Patients see a noticeable improvement in the way they look, how they feel about themselves, and their clothing options.


Not every patient requires surgery to achieve their goals. Dr. Schneider will carefully evaluate your desires, learn about your needs, and recommend a treatment option tailored to you. Some patients may benefit from a non-surgical treatment that shrinks skin and fat called Exilis. Exilis is a treatment that uses radiofrequency energy. The treatment induces the fat cells to lose the fat they are containing and literally shrink and it also causes the skin to shrink. Exilis is painless, it requires no recovery, and it takes only 20 minutes to perform. Patients do not need any anesthesia and they can go right back to their normal activities. Most patients use 3-6 sessions to maximize their results.

Before & After Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) Photos

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