Non-Surgical Hair Growth

Hair Growth without Hair Transplants

Hair loss, or what is medically termed alopecia, affects both men and women. Typical treatments for baldness are generally coverups (Wigs), camouflage, or surgical correction with transplants. Though hair transplants have made significant gains in technology, and no longer produce significant scarring on the scalp, there are new non-surgical treatments that can restore hair growth to the scalp.

Hair Growth Using PRP

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) provides significant growth factors to the scalp, which can help turn on and stimulate hair growth. PRP has the beneficial effect of turning on dormant hair follicles meaning patients with both recent and long-term hair loss can see their desired hair growth results.

Platelet rich plasma is derived from the patient’s own blood. The platelets are specific cells in the blood that help tissues heal and grow new cells. The PRP treatment concentrates these growth factors into a liquid that is then injected into the scalp, as well as applied to the scalp through microneedling. Microneedling is ideal for stimulating hair follicles at a depth of 2 millimeters, while injections trigger follicles in the scalp at a depth of 4 millimeters. Dr. Schneider believes the combination of PRP and microneedling produces the best results.

Typically, the Schneider Centre for Plastic Surgery recommends that the patient receive 2-3 PRP treatments to maximize their hair growth. The patient may need to repeat this process every 4–6 months to maintain the desired hair restoration.

ACell for Hair Growth

ACell is a valuable treatment that is typically used in wound healing reconstruction. Recently, the ACell treatment has shown significant promise for hair restoration. ACell is FDA approved and is made of a protein matrix with multiple growth factors that stimulate hair follicle growth. Moreover, ACell also helps stimulate the body’s natural growth factors.

The combination of PRP and ACell proves to be a significant hair follicle stimulator. Amazingly, the use of ACell with PRP leads to less repetitive hair growth treatments than the use of PRP alone. Overall, the combined treatments stimulate the stem cells within the hair follicle to begin production of more vibrant, thicker hair shafts with an extended life cycle.