Fraxel Fractionated Laser

Fraxel Laser Technology

Fraxel laser resurfacing treatment can help smooth fine wrinkles, decrease age spots or freckles, and reduce the size of large pores. Fraxel laser technology is based on the gold standard for laser resurfacing: the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser. The Fraxel laser is a carbon dioxide laser that produces a fractionated dose of the standard laser treatment. This fractionated dose produces micro-thermal zones that allow the skin to heal faster and with significantly less down time than with traditional CO2 treatments. Fraxel and fractionated laser treatments do this by creating a grid of laser energy that penetrates the skin to a precise level. The grid consists of laser penetrating dots separated by energy free spaces that allow the skin to heal faster. The areas where the laser energy dots penetrate are stimulated to produce new collagen. This collagen stimulation promotes a more youthful appearing skin with less wrinkling.

Fractional CO2 is less invasive than traditional CO2 Laser Resurfacing and thus in many cases it can be performed with only a topical anesthetic. In addition, this remarkable plastic surgery treatment can be performed safely on areas outside of the face where traditional CO2 laser resurfacing cannot be safely performed. We can thus use the fractionated laser for wrinkles of the neck, decolletage (wrinkles of the chest) and hands.

Fraxel Laser Treatment

For many patients undergoing fraxel laser treatments, they are pleased that the procedure can be performed with only a topical anesthetic and they may drive themselves home. However, for those patients that would prefer sedation, we are happy to provide this as well in our AAAHC certified surgery center.

Fractional CO2 laser recovery is significantly easier to recover from when compared to CO2 Laser Resurfacing. However, because the laser produces less micro-thermal effects on the skin, it will not produce the same result on wrinkles that a single CO2 laser treatment will. Many patients will require more than one Fraxel laser treatment to achieve their desired goals. The best way to determine which way is right for you is to see Dr. Schneider for a complimentary consultation to evaluate your needs. Dr. Schneider is a recognized laser expert in Fort Myers and has been performing laser treatments since 1991.