Rejuvenate Your Feminine Life

What Is A FemiLift?

The FemiLift from vConfidence is a painless and minimally invasive vaginal restoration procedure that can improve menopausal dryness, tighten the vaginal tunnel for increased sexual pleasure, and diminish incontinence. The gentle laser procedure safely triggers new vaginal tissue growth to help create youthful tissue dynamics, including self-lubrication capabilities and improved bladder control. The treatment initiates the new tissue growth that may be needed due to lower estrogen levels that follow menopause, childbirth, or medical treatment.

The FemiLift Procedure

The FemiLift procedure is performed by inserting a laser into the vagina with a 360 degree rotation capability. The laser delivers thermal energy to a fraction of the vaginal tissue at any given time. This will stimulate your body’s own natural healing process where old and damaged cells will be replaced with healthy tissue. The in-office procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and is repeated at monthly intervals for three months.

Recovery From FemiLift

The FemiLift is an excellent option for those patients who want absolutely no downtime, great results, the latest technology, and a track record of excellent patient satisfaction and long-term success. There is no special care needed after treatment and most patients return to their regular activities immediately following their FemiLift treatment. In our experience at the Schneider Centre for Plastic Surgery, this procedure has demonstrated very significant, noticeable results in both younger women in their 30’s as well as women in their 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Most women report a very significant difference in vaginal tightness that both they and their partners enjoy. Vaginal secretions are significantly improved as well. The one area that even surprised us, was in women who had complaints of occasional bladder leakage. They have noticed a surprising and pleasing improvement of these symptoms.